FAQ: Can I wear sun glasses on my practical driving test ??

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And for those who worry that their examiner will not be able to see all their mirror checking during their practical test, they need not fret because it is quite obvious when someone looks into their mirrors. Remember that your examiner is well trained and experienced in watching learner drivers. Therefore it is quite obvious to spot when a driver consults their mirrors, due to head/body movements, that are made during the course of general driving and approaches to any junctions.

This is a question that is asked by many my students over the years, and the simple answer if yes. Many are surprised by this, but if you ask yourself why you would wear sun glasses when driving? The reply would be, so that you able to better protect your eyes from the bright sun, enabling you to view the road and your surroundings better and therefore more accurately. It would be wise though if you are going to wear sunglasses to have them easily accessible, so that they can be worn easily, comfortably and without giving you a distraction from your driving.