FAQ: Can I drive on the roads before I pass my theory test ??

Some frequently asked questions when learning to drive!
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Yes, currently in this the UK you can drive on the roads without first having passed your car theory test. There are, however, some countries around the world where this is not the case, and the theory element must be passed, before new drivers can get road experience behind the wheel.

The learner driver (and supervising driver) must both have the correct, current and appropriate licences, to drive the vehicle, and obviously the vehicle must be roadworthy, taxed, have a mot (if needed) and insured. Remember that you will need to display “L” plates on the front and rear of your vehicle. (“D” in Wales is acceptable). More from gov.uk

In terms of driving lessons, some students are more than happy to wait till their theory test is passed before starting off their instructor. The advantage of this is that brand new learners can start their driving with good knowledge about the road, its many rules and signs. This therefore can allow quicker development of driving skills and confidence, for a novice driver.

But most new drivers will take their theory test, during the course of their driving lessons. Technical knowledge is then leant hand-in-hand with the practical driving, boosted by the increasing road experience. Remember that instructors are always on hand to advise of the best way to prepare for the theory test, and answer any questions that might arise, therefore aiding driving skill development.