FAQ: How does the New Drivers Act (1995) effect me ??

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The New Drivers Act (1995) is applicable to all those who have passed their driving test after the 1st of June 1997.

So, if within two years of passing your driving test, you accrue six or more penalty points, your driving licence will be revoked.You will then need to reapply for your driving licence as a learner driver and re-sit both your theory and practical driving tests.

Any penalty points you gain before passing your first driving test are taken into account. However, already having six or more penalty points doesn’t always mean your licence will be revoked straight after you pass your test. Gaining further points after passing your test, taking your total to six or more, will mean your licence will be revoked.

Generally those who have their driving licences revoked, have no great problems in regaining their licences, there is just a great deal of inconvenience (plus time and money!) to prepare for and re-sit both the theory and practical driving tests again.


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