FAQ: How do I know when I'm ready for my driving test ??

Some frequently asked questions when learning to drive!
Frequently Asked Questions About Driving & Learning to Drive
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The aim of the driving test, is for the examiner to be happy with your general level of driving, and attitude to road safety. They need to be confident that you will handle life diving on your own, in a safe and progressive way and will pose no danger to yourself and other road users.

Remember that the practical driving test needs to be comfortably passed, so your good driving can carry on long after the examiner has left you with a pass certificate. So you need to be able to drive safely and positively through all types of roads, junctions and roundabouts. On most test routes (if available) you will have dual carriageway driving as well. You will also need to be able complete all of the test exercises to a high standard. (On the test there will only be one reversing exercise to demonstrate and possibly a controlled stop, but all need to be at a good level as you can`t pick what you want to do!).

If you still need prompting and help on some aspects of driving during your lessons by your instructor, then more practice, tuition and confidence is still required. For some it can be false economy trying to take a test too soon, as more lessons (and test fees) will have to be paid out to achieve the goal of gaining a full licence.