FAQ: What colours are the reflective studs and cats eyes on the UK roads ??

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A very frequent question asked on driving lessons by students, who are studying for their theory tests, concerns the colours of the cats eyes road studs that are seen between the lanes and slip roads on dual carriageways and other major roads in the UK.

Sometimes you may also see Green/Yellow studs marking where road works are taking place, showing you any temporary lane layouts that may be in force.

When driving at night it’s always wise to observe the cat’s eyes and their colours effectively, so you know where you are on the road and can complete any possible lane changes safely.

Cat’s eyes are extremely effective in the fog to highlight the road edges and lane dividers, when visibility may be very limited.


Marks the left edge of the road, showing that you should not cross the line.


Marks the edge of the carriageway where there are slip roads, parking bays and bus stops.


Marks the lanes or the middle of the road.


Marks the central reservation of the road, making you aware that you are on the extreme right lane available.