FAQ: What is in the DSA Theory Test ??

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The official DSA theory test is a two part computer based examination, with both sections having to be passed in the same sitting. After successful completion on the theory test, a certificate will be awarded, which enables the candidate to then book themselves a practical driving test. Theory certificates will expire after two years, if the practical driving test is not passed in that time. The current fee for theory tests is £23.

Section 1: 50 multiple choice questions:

You have a maximum of 57 minutes to complete this section. 43 or more correct answers are needed to pass. A group of five of the questions will appear as a ‘case study’. You will be shown a section of text outlining a scenario, and then asked five related theory questions. In this section you are able to ‘flag’ questions and return to answer later in the test. Additionally you are able to review and change your answers as many times as required.

Section 2: Hazard perception clips:

You will be shown 14 video clips, in which there will be 15 developing hazards (one of the clips will have two hazards to spot, so you need to keep watching!). You respond to hazards, by clicking the mouse provided. An early response will score the maximum of five points, decreasing to zero with later responses to the hazard. You need to score 44 or more to pass. The clicks you make on the clips are final, and can not be reviewed or changed.

If candidates struggle to read the questions there is additional help available. All the questions can be listened to through headphones at your testing computer, just add the ‘English Voiceover’ option when you book your test.