FAQ: What types of pedestrian crossing traffic lights are there ??

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On the UK roads there are four types of traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings.


The basic/standard crossing. The only pedestrian crossing where after the red light, a flashing amber light is displayed before the green light is seen. Motorists can only proceed when the flashing amber is seen, if no pedestrians are using/about to use the crossing.


A pedestrian user friendly crossing, with sensors at the top of the traffic lights that monitor the walkway of the crossing. They are able to keep the red light in place for an extended period, if the crossing in very busy.


A crossing that can be used by cyclists, as well as pedestrians. Common on cycle routes, and cyclists can have there own set of dedicated traffic lights to aid them in its use.


A pedestrian crossing that is enhanced to help horse riders safely across the road. Normally slightly larger in size, where additional push buttons at varying heights are provided for the use of seated riders.