FAQ: What will I learn from my mock driving test ??

Some frequently asked questions when learning to drive!
Frequently Asked Questions About Driving & Learning to Drive
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The mock or practice test provides a valuable learning tool, as it will show you what the driving test is about and what to expect on the day.

You will drive for at least 30 minutes (un-aided) through varied road conditions, and complete the test exercises. Your instructor will assess and mark, as an examiner would. The result will show how "test ready" you are, and highlight any areas of future development needs. This will help you and your instructor, to best focus practice in the remaining sessions up to the DSA practical driving test.

In terms of driving test preparation the mock lesson, will be the one of the most important times you will have with your instructor. It will help you prepare in the best way, for the big day, which for many can be a very daunting time. For some one of the most difficult aspects in learning to drive is to maintain concentration for long periods of time, and in that time having the confidence to drive un-aided without any reassurances from their instructor that everything is working correctly. The practice test will help to highlight many strengths and allow any weaker areas to be consolidated and built up.