FAQ: How soon can I drive after passing my practical test ??

Some frequently asked questions when learning to drive!
Frequently Asked Questions About Driving & Learning to Drive
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When you have passed your test, the examiner will give to a pass certificate. This will enable you to drive on your own straight away. With all the excitement of passing, it would be wise to take some time to calm down, so that you are in a fit state to drive safely.

Remember that any vehicle you do drive will have to be correctly taxed, insured and roadworthy. If you are a named `L`driver on an insurance policy, the company will need to be informed that you have passed, so they can update their records and you can be properly covered.

Your new full licence will take a couple of weeks to arrive, so your pass certificate will need to be shown to the Police, should you happen to be stopped in the course of your driving.