FAQ: When is the best time to get private practice on the roads ??

Some frequently asked questions when learning to drive!
Frequently Asked Questions About Driving & Learning to Drive
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The more driving on the roads you have, the better before a driving test, as experience is vital to enable driving in the pressurised test environment (and stressful times afterwards). But remember to continue to drive in the same controlled and thoughtful manner, as you would in driving lessons, otherwise bad habits can soon develop.

When is the best time to get private practice? Once you can comfortably control the car, and have learnt the skills that you will need to be able to stop and emerge safely at all road junctions and roundabouts. Your supervising passenger will not have control over the vehicle, and may not have experience in handling learner drivers. So it is also worth remembering that whoever is sitting alongside you on your drive, will need time to feel confident themselves as well! So to avoid stressful situations, it is best to be patient for private practice till the time is right. Your instructor will advise of the best time and way to gain extra practice. Do not worry if you are unable to get private practice, most learners only have lessons up to their test. It will not be a problem for you, your experience will be built up with your instructor, with a few extra hours of driving.

What is the best way to practice? When you and your supervising driver feel happy and confident with each other, try to practice in similar ways as you do on your driving lessons. Therefore you need to drive through varied routes and different road conditions, so experience is built up across many skills. If possible take the importunity to practice the test manoeuvres, they should be similar in all vehicles to the way you would learn them, on your lessons.