FAQ: When will my test be cancelled due to bad weather ??

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The weather will have to be bad for your test to be cancelled. The examiners will only cancel tests if they really have to, and only do so in the interests of safety.

In wintertime snow and icy conditions, can cause many driving tests to be cancelled, especially early in the morning. Whilst the major roads may be drivable, the smaller side roads may be unsuitable for driving and manoeuvring. Fog can sometimes be a problem, if viability is limited, in some parts of the test route. Other local factors may cause cancellations, for example flooding to some roads.

The DSA will generally rearrange your test date quite quickly. They would like to give you a test, and you would like a test quickly, but invariably the new date that you will have will be one at the end of the current waiting list, at a similar time than the cancelled test. (You do not have to pay another fee, if the test is cancelled due to weather)